The Bishops of Oaxaca celebrate Eucharist with earthquake victims

The Bishops of the province of Oaxaca celebrated on September 24th  a mass in Asunción Ixtaltepec, to bring hope and charity through the Eucharist to the hundreds of families who were left homeless after the different earthquakes that affected the region.

The archbishop of Antequera, José Luis Chávez Botello, who presided at the celebration emphasized that the Church is along with the community and they join the pain, fear and the hope that surrounds the population.

During the homily he mentioned that although these disasters of the nature are an adversity, also they must take like a named to change the way of living and of doing conscious of our mission to raise the hope and of stating that there is a future of better life, nevertheless, this it demands to get up and to get in the way.

In the same way, he said that the word of the Lord, as in every Eucharist, opens up perspectives, invites us to move from the faith, this event of the earthquake is a called fortress in which many people are answering.

The Archbishop congratulated all those of different services, authorities, professions and ages have helped his brothers in disgrace in these days of crisis and made a call to continue helping without waiting to receive a mandate or not be called, because availability always takes quick initiatives.

He also said that the food and tools have reached to different regions affected by the ecclesial and society institutions that have not stopped helping since the earthquake of September 7th.

He encouraged to extract the best of the heart of each one and to let go things that we have for save and caring lives



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